• D1 Women: Anita Barnes
  • D2 Women: Megan McNamara
  • D1 Men: Trent Sampson
  • D2 Men: Trent Sampson
  • J1 Girls Black: Majella Barnes
  • J1 Girls Pink: Lorraine Barnes
  • J1 Boys: Craig Anderson
  • J2 Boys: Alan Finch, Ben Ward (asst)
  • J2 Girls Black: Sam Lewers
  • J2 Girls Pink: Lizelle Young
  • J3 Boys: Scott Brennan, Andrew Chung (asst)
  • J3 Girls Black: Chelsea Baker
  • J3 Girls Pink: Cara Harbison, Chloe Samuels
  • U9 (H2H): Tony Dunn, Leah Dunn, John Cathcart
  • U7 (H2H): Amanda Davidson, Cameron Davidson, Andrew Telford


  • D1 Women: Brenda Baker
  • D2 Women: Leanne Ellis
  • D1 Men: Mez Ryan
  • D2 Men:
  • J1 Girls Black: Ceri Harbison
  • J1 Girls Pink: Wendy Bodkin
  • J1 Boys: Jules Samuels
  • J2 Boys: Adrian Kociolek
  • J2 Girls Black: Tracy Webb
  • J2 Girls Pink: Deborah Stevenson
  • J3 Boys: Cherie Maglis
  • J3 Girls Black: Sarah Montgomery, Brenda Baker
  • J3 Girls Pink: Kathryne Chilton
  • U7 H2H: Jacinta Blanch
  • U9 H2H: Mallory Young

Club Sponsors

Buderim Community Bendigo Bank

Kawana Equipment Hire Sunshine Coast

Calling all JUNIOR REBELS!!!! We have been invited by our major sponsors BENDIGO BANK to march at Buderims Australia Day March on Saturday 26th Jan. Gathering for march starts at about 8am in Woolworths carpark. Let us know if you’re keen and we will organise you a playing shirt to march in 💗🖤🏑🇦🇺 ...

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Almost that time of year again 🏑🖤💗.
Registration is just around the corner so time to start dusting off cobwebs and working out what fits....or not!!
This year, Buderim Rebels is inviting members to advertise their used equipment for sale. You can either post it here with a price and contact details otherwise bring it along to Rego day (date coming shortly).

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