April 13, 2018 – April 15, 2018 all-day
SCHA Hockey Clubhouse
Ballinger Park Sports Complex
Buderim QLD 4556
Tascha Breytenbach and Judy Green
Club Duty 2018 #1 @ SCHA Hockey Clubhouse | Buderim | Queensland | Australia

Buderim Rebels – Club Duty #1

See here for Buderim Rebels Club Duty Roster 13 to 15 Apr.
Managers and Coaches, please email your volunteer names through to Tascha Breytenbach or Judy the Club Secretary as soon as possible.

To keep playing fees as low as possible we ask all members to volunteer for these duties or alternatively pay the volunteer contribution.  The volunteer contribution is new this season and will be pooled and will enable the club to pay juniors to cover periods that cant otherwise be filled. Either way please help your team manager and coach to have your team duty covered.

If you have any questions about the volunteer contribution or have a teenager that would like to earn some pocket money, please email Tascha Breytenbach or the Club Secretary.

Two volunteers are required for each canteen shift.  The minimum age for canteen volunteers are 14+.  Ideally one of the two volunteers should be 18+ in case they have to serve at the bar or manage the cash register/EFTPOS.  Over the busy lunch and dinner time periods it is best to have 2 adults to cover these times.
All canteen workers must wear closed in shoes and have their hair tied back.  Any questions are to be referred to the canteen convener.

One technical bench volunteer is required for every Rebels astro Turf game. Tech volunteers must be 16+ for junior games and 18+ for senior games.

Many thanks for supporting Buderim Rebels and SCHA to help with the club duty.

Buderim Rebels